CBB22 473J 250V Capacitor PP Film 0.047UF 47nF

  • Type: Film Capacitor
  • Series: CBB22
  • Capacitance: 47,000 picofarads (47nF)
  • Voltage Rating: 250V
  • Manufacturer: Xuansn



Elevate your electronic designs with the CBB22 473J 250V Film Capacitor, a superior choice for energy storage and voltage regulation in a variety of applications. This capacitor combines a substantial capacitance of 47,000 picofarads (47nF) with a robust voltage rating of 250V, ensuring outstanding performance and durability.

CBB22 473J 250V Capacitor

Key Features:

  • Reliable Energy Storage: The CBB22 473J capacitor is engineered for efficient energy storage and discharge, making it ideal for smoothing voltage fluctuations and maintaining stable power supplies.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built with premium film dielectric materials, this capacitor offers remarkable durability, excellent thermal stability, and resistance to moisture and environmental factors.
  • Precision Performance: Experience consistent and predictable circuit behavior thanks to the capacitor’s tight tolerances and low loss characteristics.
  • Wide Application Spectrum: From audio amplifiers and filter networks to power factor correction and motor control, the CBB22 473J capacitor finds its place in diverse electronic circuits.
  • Space-Efficient Design: With compact radial leads, the capacitor is easy to integrate into your circuit boards, helping optimize space without compromising on performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Film Capacitor
  • Series: CBB22
  • Capacitance: 47,000 picofarads (47nF)
  • Voltage Rating: 250V
  • Dielectric Material: Premium Film
  • Tolerance: Standard (Tolerance class may vary, please refer to datasheet)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Lead Type: Radial


  • Audio Excellence: Enhance audio amplifier designs with stable voltage levels and reduced noise, resulting in clearer and more faithful sound reproduction.
  • Power Supplies: Improve the stability of power supply circuits, ensuring a constant and clean power output for sensitive electronic components.
  • Lighting Systems: Maintain consistent voltage in lighting applications, preventing flickering and extending the lifespan of bulbs and LEDs.
  • Motor Drives: Enhance motor control circuits with efficient energy storage, contributing to smoother and more precise motor operation.
  • Filter Networks: Achieve effective signal conditioning and noise reduction in filter circuits for improved signal quality.

Installation Tips:

  1. Polarity: Ensure proper polarity during installation to prevent damage to the capacitor and circuitry. The longer lead indicates the positive terminal.
  2. Soldering: Use proper soldering techniques and equipment to securely attach the leads without excessive heat, preventing damage to the capacitor.
  3. Datasheet: Consult the manufacturer’s datasheet for detailed specifications, recommended operating conditions, and soldering guidelines.

Experience Unparalleled Performance:

The CBB22 473J 250V Film Capacitor redefines reliability and precision in energy storage components. With its remarkable capacitance and voltage rating, this capacitor empowers your designs to excel in various electronic applications. Harness the power of the CBB22 473J and unlock a new realm of circuit performance.

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