AC capacitor 250VAC225j made in China

  • Type: Film capacitor
  • Deviation: ±5% (J) ±10% (K)
  • Application: General
  • Packing type: through hole
  • Warranty: Unconditional replenishment


AC capacitor 250VAC225j made in China

AC capacitor 250VAC225j Features

  • The capacitor uses metalized polypropylene film as the medium.
  • High frequency loss is small.
  • The internal temperature rise is small.
  • Good insulation performance and good self-healing effect.
  • Flame retardant epoxy powder encapsulation (UL94 V-0).

The main purpose

  • It is widely used in high frequency, DC, AC and pulse circuits.
  • It is suitable for color TV S correction circuit that requires small size and excellent performance.


Reference Standard GB/T 14579 (IEC 60384-17)
Climate Category 55/85/21
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~+85℃

(+85℃to+105℃:decreasing factor 1.25%per ℃for UR)

Capacitance Range 0.01UF~4.7UF
Rated Voltage 230VAC,250VAC,300VAC
Capacitance Deviation ±5%(J) 、±10%(K)
Voltage Proof 1.5UR(5s)
Dissipation Factor ≤0.1%(20℃,1kHz)
Insulation Resistance UR≤100V     CR≤0.33UF  IR≥15000MΩ

CR>0.33UF  IR≥5000S

Product show

Special metallized polypropylene film AC capacitor for step down 225j250vac






What problems should be paid attention to when using CBB capacitors?

♦   Never use it when the temperature is too high

The high temperature resistance of high-quality CBB capacitors is 105°C. The high temperature resistance of ordinary CBB capacitors is 85°C. If the circuit board heats up and the heat dissipation is poor, it will seriously affect the service life of the CBB capacitor. The higher the temperature, the shorter the service life will be.

♦   Overcurrent is also the reason why CBB capacitors are easily damaged.

Overcurrent (the current exceeds the rated ripple current), after the applied ripple current exceeds the rated value, it will cause the CBB capacitor body to overheat, reduce the capacity, and shorten the service life.

♦   The working voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the CBB capacitor

When the voltage applied to the capacitor is higher than the rated working voltage, the leakage current of the capacitor will increase, and its electrical and oxygen properties will deteriorate in a short period of time until it is damaged.

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