Xuansn Electronic Event:In order to further improve the level of talent skills, Xuansn Electronics provides employees with three consecutive days of food training courses, allowing employees to personally participate in the production of various delicious foods, feel the satisfaction of taste buds brought by food, and gain a lot of knowledge outside of busy work. A sense of accomplishment with a new skill.

Xuansn Electronic Event:The teacher teaches attentively, the students listen carefully, and set out for delicious food.

The food cooked by hand not only warms the stomach, but also warms the heart.

Xuansn Electronic Event

Life is short, but food can’t live up to it.

Xuansn Electronic Event

Xuansn Electronic Event

During the 3-day food training, everyone learned how to make pineapple buns, egg tarts, chiffon cakes, flower rolls, rose steamed buns, and a variety of Chaozhou-style lo mei: braised whole duck, braised whole chicken, braised eggs, Braised mei platter, braised pork feet, braised chicken feet, braised chicken legs. Many employees said that they can show their skills when they go home during the Chinese New Year, and let the family members also taste their crafts.

The characteristics and suitability of personnel training are of great significance to society. First of all, it should be about the pursuit of value. It is meaningless to deviate from the characteristics of the value benchmark that promotes scientific and social development. Cultivate characteristic professionals to meet the needs of continuous development and progress of society. Second, it should reflect innovation and relevance. Adhere to the traditional talent training mode, and characteristics without a sense of the times cannot be regarded as characteristics in the true sense. We must always understand the needs of the development of the times and constantly adjust the strategy of characteristic talents. Suitability does not mean blindly pursuing new ideas or catering to the short-term interest of the market, but the suitability that not only reflects the characteristics of talent cultivation but also can be based on accurate forecasts of market talent demand. At the same time, the suitability is reflected in the specification requirements for talents, which itself must reflect the specific spirit of the times and spiritual values.

Whether an enterprise has a competitive advantage mainly depends on the quantity and quality of human resources owned by the enterprise, as well as the development and use of human resources. Only by accelerating the cultivation of a group of high-skilled talents and tapping the potential of human resources within the enterprise can the enterprise provide solid talent support for the rapid development of the enterprise and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. High-skilled talents are one of the backbone forces to promote technological innovation and the transformation of modern scientific and technological achievements into real productivity. Without a team of skilled and skilled talents, enterprises cannot produce high-quality products, and it is difficult to adapt to the sustainable development of enterprises. and product replacement requirements. Only by strengthening the cultivation of high-skilled talents can enterprises lay a talent foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises, and enterprises can also be stable and strong on the road of development.