Top Snap In Capacitor 10V 10000uF

  • Specification:10V10000UF
  • Size:22*30mm
  • Rated ripple current:1.65Arms
  • Operating Temperature:-40℃~+105℃


Snap in Capacitor 10000uf 10V are solder pin type electrolytic capacitors. It has excellent high frequency, long life, high reliability, high ripple current characteristics. Applications: suitable for industrial-grade inverters, servo control, switching power supplies, PC power supplies, and industrial power supplies.

Parameters Table

 Item Characteristics
Temperature Range -40~+105℃
Specification 10000UF 10V
Size 22*30mm
Capacitance Tolerance ±20% (M) (at 20°C, 120Hz)
Dissipation Factor (tanδ) tanδ (max.)=0.55 (at 20°C, 120Hz)
Rated ripple current (Arms/85°C, 120Hz) 1.65Arms
Low Temperature Characteristics (Max. Impedance Ratio) Z(-25°C)/Z(+20°C)=4
Z(-40°C)/Z(+20°C)=15  (at 120Hz)
Endurance The following specifications shall be satisfied when the capacitors are restored to 20°C after DC voltage plus the rated ripple current is applied for 5,000 hours at 105°C.
Capacitance Change :≤±20% of the initial value
D.F. (tanδ):≤200% of the initial specified value
Leakage Current :≤The initial specified value
Leakage Current I ≤0.01CV (μA) or 1.5 (mA)

whichever is smaller measured after 5 minutes application of rated working voltage at +20˚C

Shelf Life At +105˚C no voltage applied after 1,000 hours and then being stabilized at +20˚C the capacitors shall meet the following limits
Leakage current : ≤Initial specified value
Cap. change : within ±20% of the initial measured value
tan δ : ≤200% of the initial specified value

Frequency correction factor for ripple current

Rated voltage(Vdc)                        /Freq.(Hz) 50 120 1k 10k-
0.9 1.00 1.1 1.15


  • Power Supplies: Snap in capacitors are commonly used in various types of power supplies, including switching power supplies, linear power supplies, and UPS systems.
  • Motor Drives: In a variety of industrial and commercial applications, snap-in capacitors are used in motor drives and controllers to provide stable power and filtering functions.
  • Inverters and Frequency Converters: These capacitors are used in inverter and frequency converter circuits to smooth the output voltage and current.
  • Electric vehicle chargers: Snap-in capacitors are also widely used in electric vehicle chargers and power electronic systems to provide efficient power conversion and storage.
  • Industrial Automation: In factory automation and control systems, Snap in capacitors can be used in various electronic equipment and controllers to ensure stable power supply and filtering.

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