Top Feed Through Capacitor Manufacturers 500V 5pF

  • Capacity: 5pF
  • Rated current: 20A @50℃ max
  • Rated voltage: 500VAC
  • Temperature coefficient:NP0 / X7R / Y5V
  • Circuit type: C type
  • Temperature range: -55℃~+125℃




A Feed Through Capacitor is a type of capacitor with three terminals, one terminal being the positive terminal, one terminal being the negative terminal, and the other terminal being the neutral or ground wire. Therefore, it is also called a three-terminal capacitor.

Feedthrough capacitors It has better ability to suppress high-frequency noise and electromagnetic interference, lower series inductance, and convenience in connecting different parts of the circuit.often used In power filtering and electromagnetic interference suppression circuits.


FeedThrough Capacitor 250V 2200pF Manufacture Enterprise


Size M=6X0.75mm   S=8mm  L=35mm  L1=11mm  L2=6mm  L3=10mm  D=1.5mm
Capacitance Value 5pF
Rate Voltage 500VDC
Rated current 20A @50℃ max
Circuit type C type
Dissipation Factor <3%
Tolerance -20%+80%
Material NP0 / X7R / Y5V
Insulation resistance ≥10000MΩ (100VDC)
Temperature Range -55℃~+125℃/-25℃~+85℃


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