Feedthrough Capacitor 10000pf 250v good filtering manufacturer

  • Type:Feedthrough Capacitor
  • Operating Temperature:-55~+125℃
  • Features:Eliminates high frequency coupling
  • Applications:Mainly used for filtering signals, data lines and AC power lines
  • Manufacturer:XUANSN


The feedthrough capacitor 10000pf  250v is directly installed on the metal panel, so its grounding inductance is smaller, and there is almost no influence of lead inductance. In addition, its input and output ends are isolated by the metal plate, eliminating high-frequency coupling. These two characteristics determine the wear-through capacitor. The cardiac capacitor has a filtering effect close to the ideal capacitor.

Reference picture

capacitor 10000pf 250v

Feedthrough Capacitor 10000pf 250v—Features

1.Almost no inductance

2. Filtering


Capacitance Value 10000pf
Dissipation Factor <3.5%
Tolerance -20%+20%
Material X7R
Rate Voltage 250VDC
Withstand Voltage 500VDC
Max Current(A) 10
Insulation resistance (100VDC) 3000MΩ
Temperature Range  -55~+125℃
Installation torque 0.3N·m
Welding Temperature ≤300℃
Welding Time 3S
Part No.: XSL6040-008N

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