103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer Radial Disc Y5V Dielectric

  • Dielectric Material: Y5V
  • Capacitance: 10,000 picofarads (10,000 pF, or 103)
  • Shell Color: Blue
  • RoHS Compliance: Yes
  • Manufacturer: XUANSN


103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor

The 103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor is a versatile electronic component designed for a wide range of applications. With its excellent electrical properties and compact size, this capacitor offers reliable performance in various electronic circuits.

103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor Definition:

The 103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor, also known as a 10nF 1KV capacitor, is a ceramic-based passive component used to store and release electrical energy in electronic circuits. It is characterized by its capacitance value of 10 nanofarads (10nF) and a voltage rating of 1 kilovolt (1KV).

103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor

103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor Parameters:

  • Capacitance: 10nF (nanofarads)
  • Voltage Rating: 1KV (kilovolt)
  • Tolerance: ±10% (standard)
  • Temperature Coefficient: Y5V (typical)
  • Dielectric Material: Ceramic
  • Lead Configuration: Radial
  • Shell Color: Blue
  • RoHS Compliance: Yes

Are there other temperature coefficients besides Y5V?

Yes, there are various temperature coefficients available for ceramic capacitors besides Y5V. Temperature coefficient refers to the change in capacitance with respect to temperature. Here are some commonly used temperature coefficients for ceramic capacitors:

  1. X5R: This temperature coefficient provides a moderate capacitance change over temperature. It offers a wider capacitance range compared to X7R but with a larger capacitance drift over temperature.
  2. X7S: The X7S temperature coefficient offers a stable capacitance over a wide temperature range. It provides a smaller capacitance change compared to X7R but has a more limited capacitance range.
  3. NPO/C0G: This temperature coefficient provides the most stable capacitance over temperature. Capacitors with the NPO or C0G designation have very low capacitance drift and are ideal for applications requiring precise capacitance values.
  4. X7R: The X7R temperature coefficient offers a stable capacitance over a wide temperature range. It provides a smaller capacitance change compared to both Y5V and X5R. X7R capacitors are widely used in applications that require good stability and a moderate capacitance range.

It’s important to select the appropriate temperature coefficient based on the specific requirements of your application. Each coefficient has its advantages and limitations, so choose the one that best suits your desired temperature stability and capacitance range.


The 103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor features a compact and robust design. It consists of two conducting plates separated by a dielectric material, which in this case, is a ceramic. The plates are typically made of metal and are connected to the external circuit. The ceramic material ensures high insulation properties and stability over a wide range of operating conditions.

 103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor

Characteristics and Advantages:

  • High Capacitance: With a capacitance value of 10nF, this ceramic capacitor can store a significant amount of electrical charge, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Voltage Rating: The 1KV voltage rating enables the capacitor to withstand high voltage levels, ensuring reliable operation even in demanding electrical environments.
  • Compact Size: The small physical footprint of the 103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor allows for space-saving designs, making it ideal for compact electronic devices and PCB layouts.
  • Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR): This capacitor exhibits low ESR, minimizing energy losses and ensuring efficient energy transfer within the circuit.
  • Excellent Temperature Stability: The X7R temperature coefficient provides stability across a wide temperature range, ensuring reliable performance in different operating conditions.
  • Quick Charging and Discharging: The ceramic material enables rapid charging and discharging cycles, making it suitable for applications requiring high-speed energy storage and release.


The 103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor finds applications in various electronic systems, including:

  1. Power Supply Filtering: It can be used to smooth and stabilize voltage fluctuations in power supplies, reducing noise and ensuring clean power delivery.
  2. Timing Circuits: This capacitor is suitable for timing circuits, oscillators, and frequency generation circuits due to its accurate capacitance value and stability.
  3. Coupling and Decoupling: It can be employed in coupling and decoupling applications to separate AC and DC components of signals and prevent interference.
  4. Signal Filtering: The capacitor’s ability to filter high-frequency noise makes it useful for signal conditioning and filtering applications.
  5. Snubber Circuits: It is commonly utilized in snubber circuits to suppress voltage spikes and protect electronic components from transients.
  6. Motor Starters: The 103 1KV Ceramic Capacitor can be used in motor starters and motor-run applications, ensuring smooth operation and reduced electrical stress.

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