102k 2kv Ceramic Capacitor Class 2 High Dielectric Constant Type

  • Type:Ceramic Capacitor
  • Tolerance:±10%
  • Applications:Bypass coupling, or use in circuits with low requirements for loss and capacitance stability with high dielectric constant
  • Manufacturer:XUANSN


102K 2kV Ceramic Capacitor Introduction:

Welcome to our product page featuring the 102k 2kV ceramic capacitor – Class 2 High Dielectric Constant. This capacitor is specifically designed for businesses and trade professionals who require reliable and high-performance electronic components with a focus on high dielectric constant characteristics.102k 2kv Ceramic Capacitor

102K 2kV Ceramic Capacitor Definition:

The 102k 2kV ceramic capacitor belongs to the class 2 category of ceramic capacitors. It is constructed using materials with a high dielectric constant, allowing for increased capacitance values in a compact size. The “102k” designation denotes the specific capacitance value and tolerance of the capacitor.


This type ceramic capacitor  is composed of a ceramic material with high dielectric constant sandwiched between two conductive plates. These plates are connected to the capacitor’s terminals, enabling easy integration into electronic circuits.

102k 2kv Ceramic Capacitor


  1. High Dielectric Constant: The Class 2 ceramic material used in this capacitor provides a high dielectric constant, allowing for increased capacitance values within a smaller physical size.
  2. Compact Size: The 102k 2kV ceramic capacitor is designed to be compact, making it suitable for space-constrained electronic designs.
  3. High Voltage Rating: With a voltage rating of 2kV, this capacitor can handle higher voltage applications, ensuring reliable performance under varying operating conditions.
  4. Stable Performance: The capacitor offers stable performance over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies, making it suitable for diverse electronic applications.


  • Capacitance: The “102k” designation indicates a capacitance value of 1000 pF (picoFarads), or 1 nanofarad (nF).
  • Voltage Rating: The 2kV voltage rating denotes the maximum voltage the capacitor can withstand without experiencing breakdown or damage.
  • Tolerance: The capacitor may have a specified capacitance tolerance, typically within a range of ±10% or ±20%.
  • Dielectric Material: The Class 2 ceramic material used in this capacitor contributes to its high dielectric constant and performance characteristics.

Specific Applications:

The 102k 2kV ceramic capacitor finds applications in various industries, including:

  1. Power Electronics: It can be utilized in power supply filtering, decoupling, and energy storage applications.
  2. Audio and Video Equipment: The capacitor is suitable for coupling, decoupling, and signal conditioning in audio amplifiers, televisions, and multimedia devices.
  3. Lighting Systems: It can be employed in LED drivers, ballasts, and power factor correction circuits.
  4. Industrial Control Systems: The capacitor is used in motor drives, motor control circuits, and automation equipment.


The 102k capacitor offers a reliable and high-performance solution for electronic applications that require a compact size and high dielectric constant characteristics. With its stable performance, high capacitance, and voltage rating, this capacitor is well-suited for power electronics, audio/video equipment, lighting systems, and industrial control systems. Choose the 102k 2kV ceramic capacitor – Class 2 High Dielectric Constant to enhance the performance and efficiency of your electronic designs.

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